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There is only one way to dispel darkness. By turning on the light. That's precisely our attempt at - "A Little Love".

Translating this metaphor to real life - we just need to ignite the light of our awareness and be more sensitive of issues that surround us. From such a space, right action will inevitably follow.

 1) Where do we begin?
To start with, we are addressing the casual habit of Spitting and Littering as a precursor to many areas of our obligation to society and this planet.

 2) Why Spitting and Littering?
It is a very basic - black and white issue. Everyone will agree that not spitting or littering is good for our environment and is respectful towards others.

 3) How do we carry out the project?
At the heart of this project are children (ages 10 to 13 years old) communicating the "Intention" and "Promise" to families of their acquaintance.

          {Nuts and Bolts} The Project is planned in three steps:

           Interacting with the school - Discuss the project and schedule the school visits

           School visits: (Approx. 30-40 minute session for each class room)
                                  Interact with children in a fun and loving manner.
                                  Explain the project to them.
                                  Ask them to make a promise to themselves that they will not spit or litter.
                                  Ask each child to go to at least 5 families and request them to make a similar                                     promise and sign on the promise note (.pdf).
                                  Equip them with necessary tools and techniques

           Follow-up:      Collect the signatures from the children, find out about their experience in                                      carrying out the project and work on making the process more beneficial for                                       everyone involved.

 4) Download the Form:
The best way to understand this project is to read the Promise Form

                                Downlaod the PDF file (English)
                                Downlaod the PDF file (Gujarati)

  5) Last but most importantly:
Spitting and littering are simply tools to communicate a deeper message here. This project is not about transforming the world, making our city clean or changing people per se. They may be byproducts of the project. This initiative really is about bringing greater awareness in our actions and deeper caring in our hearts. Infusing more kindness in our relationships and sensitivity in our action, is what we continue to emphasis. And what better way to communicate that, if not with A Little love?


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