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With the advent of the information age we have so much inspiration, research and wisdom from around the world at our fingertips. There are a lot of ideas, experiences and insights that people share with each other regarding service, spirituality and right action. They are very helpful.

But after a point, a time comes when we need to put all the theories aside and experience it for ourselves – first hand. We simply need to act. We need to Be the change we wish to see in the world.

Our Be the Change projects allow individuals to express compassion in their communities. It is a vehicle to embark on perhaps the longest journey of our lives - the one from the head to the heart.

Each ‘Be the Change’ consists of a community service project such as a feed the hungry program, an environmental clean-up, reconstructing a home, or numerous other acts of kindness. During the project, participants are encouraged to explore how ‘being the change’ not only changes the world around them, but also changes the world within them.

Previous Be the Change Projects: Christmas at Cancer Hospital, Help the Birds on Uttarayan, Old Age Home, Special Olympics for the physically challenged, Painting with the mentally challenged, Workshops for kids from the slums, Loving our children

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