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Be the Change: Monthly community service projects that allow individuals to volunteer in their community. Each month focuses on a different need in the community.....Read More

Evenings of Awareness: Quarterly information sessions and workshops designed to build awareness of key issues facing our world.....Read More

A Little Love: We believe, we can bring a lot of desired changes in our world, if we address them with a little love. Especially when this love flows through children, the ripples of such a communication can transform our very hearts. .....Read More

Setu Slums Project: This project helps us become a bridge by understanding the problems of the women in the slums who do ragpicking for a living. By working closely with these women we can help them come out of the circle of poverty and serious health hazards.....Read More

Shvaas Newspaper: Unlike anything Ahmedabad has ever come across. See how you can be a part of this unique experiment.....Read More

Sacred Site Visits: Quarterly visits to various places of worship. This project creates solidarity among the various faiths and allows individuals to understand their own lives at a greater depth.....Read More

Service Journeys: Quarterly one-to-three day field trips to NGO’s working in rural villages. This project gives us an opportunity to witness first hand the powerful work that is carried out by some very dedicated Service Heroes of our time.....Read More


Be the Change Eve of Awareness Shvaas Newspaper Setu Slum Project Sacred Sites Visits Service Journeys