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Setu is an Indian word which means ‘A bridge’. This project came into existence when one of the volunteers of Shvaas started working in the slums of Vadaj Area with the women who do ‘Ragpicking’ to sustain their lives.

Ragpicking, which is basically picking up recyclables and trash from the streets and selling them to local collection houses called ‘Pithas’. This profession is physically very laborious, extremely hazardously to health and socially humiliating. In spite of the challenges, most of these women do not make more than 50 Rs (around One US$) a day. They live on what they make from day-to-day and cannot afford to store even basic groceries like food-grains or oil in their homes.

At present, we are closely working with these women, under the leadership of a non-profit organization called Manav Sadhna.

 Email us if you would like to join this initiative.



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