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Friends on Wings

Jan 14th & 15th, 2009
To Volunteer Call: 9998445647 (Ahmedabad)

Every Uttarayan the kites take up to the skies and color it in the festive hues of vibrance and joy. But this day also causes a lot of pain to our little friends on wings.

Every year thousands of birds die due to the sharp nylon strings and strings coated with glass powder. Many of these innocent beings also get severely bruised or even lose their wings by getting entangled in the invisible maze of the kite strings. It is estimated that during Uttarayan season we lose up to 15% of the entire bird population of the city in one month.

Similar to last year, this year too Shvaas will be teaming up with the Asha Foundation to help save these birds. In 2007 Uttarayan over 1,500 birds were rescued in Ahmedabad alone. Volunteers are the life of this campaign! Volunteers are needed to serve for a minimum of 3 hours. Tasks vary from giving direct first-aid to the birds, to coordination of the incoming calls received, maintaining records, picking up the injured birds from different locations and managing the center.

Also, if you find an injured bird in Ahmedabad, you can call 9824037521, 9879877281 or 9624164040. You can use these phone numbers anytime throughout the year if you find any injured animal that may need assistance.

"We can do no great things, only small things with great love." -Mother Teresa


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