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A part of our volunteer team is comprised of individuals who are established industry professionals in the field of Website Development and Graphic Design.

Custom Web Solutions: If you working on a non- commercial initiative that is providing useful service to our communities or the earth at large, than we would be happy to serve and empower your vision. Simply email us at and we will get back to you.

Print Media Design: Till date volunteers at Shvaas have designed various brochures, direct mailers, posters, t-shirts and other print material to help promote meaningful initiatives of other non-profit organizations. For now, we prefer working only with organizations who are based in the city of Ahmedabad. At present, we are only taking up select long-term projects.

Yes, our services are absolutely free.
Shvaas is a completely volunteer run organization. There is no paid staff and the projects are executed entirely by the efforts of volunteers who give freely of their time, skills and talent.

Shvaas creates opportunities for us to benefit our communities and understand our relationship with the world we live in. In many ways we are less of an organization, but more importantly a "Circle of friends" trying to support each other's journeys towards more love, truth and compassion. These experiments in selfless giving teach us how to grow in generosity and cultivate trust in the
abundance of life!