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Some questions have no answers. Like, why do we serve others?

Some choose to make a difference in the world because they feel that the world needs changing. Our heart yearns for something new when we hear stories of suffering from around the world. Working towards a better world helps ease the burden of our own hearts.

Some serve to make their own lives more beautiful. As we help others we nourish something deep within ourselves. Then, as the healthier and happier we become, the more available we are for others. This cycle of compassion can continue in an infinite loop.

Some serve to express gratitude for all that they have received. It is true, to exist is a gift. The intricate balance that nature has created to ensure our survival is unfathomable. Every single moment is a work of art. Filled with gratitude, some serve as a symbolic gesture of giving back.

Yet there are others, who have no idea why they serve. To them it comes naturally. Like the sun needs no reason to shine, like the flowers need no reason to give of their fragrance, we too need no reason to give to all that surrounds us. It is a part of who we are.

When we see our lives intrinsically tied to the lives of others, as if the whole of humanity is one unit, then the most natural thing to do is to help one another. In truth, we are tied to others, to the earth beneath our feet, and even to the entire cosmos beyond.

Although many questions still remain, we have learned that the power of love can heal, transform, and traverse all barriers. We have learned that the greatest journey actually leads to the heart.

Shvaas is an exploration of those questions that have no answers, of the questions that truly matter in life.

We realize that the greatest untapped potential for change isn't in organizations, but in the individual choices that people make every day. What we think, what we say, and what we do, creates a cause and effect reaction that ripples out forever. Behold the power within.

Our small network consists of volunteers that are passionate about helping others and wish to make a difference in their own lives as well. We have no office space and no salaried employees. We are self-funded and somehow amazing people continue to magically appear when the finances don't add up.

If you wish to join us, please Email us.


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